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Confused which LED TV Mount you should buy?

Too simple a choice but the impact is profound , here is how it works.

You buy a TV then a random TV mount , finally once installed you feel it could have been better. We often find customers asking us what suits, so here are the things that matter:-

1.Whats you Space like?

Is it for Home usage (bedroom or living room) , or your office lobby or is it a school , religious organisation or institute . Depending on the space and audience meant to view the TV , the choice matters.

A full motion stand which swivels and tilts is usually more expensive but it offers the benefit of multi angle viewing and focused viewing. This is the one generally required for homes .Moreover, the best benefit full motion offers is extended view , the tv literally moves back and forth as per your convenience making it easy to add multiple devices , HDMI cables , Speakers , Gaming consoles with ease and no clutter. Lastly, it even helps you adjust the angle for a clearer view which gets blurred due to sunlight from windows or LED lighting on your ceiling.

A fixed TV mount usually potrays your TV like a painting where you do not constantly connect or disconnect gadgets and cables. For instance, in an office or school or institution , LED TVs are mostly meant for product ads, branding , broadcasting .

2.The VESA size:-

VESA (horizontal x vertical distance ) is basically an international measure of distance between the wall mounting holes behind your LED tv, which can be found in specifications or company website. For an older model , you can simply measure it with a tape.

Usually in mm (s) it is for instance 100 x 100 mm or 200 x 200 mm or 600 x 400 mm. It varies for all TVs .Make sure you check this before placing an order or demand the information before you buy.

3. Weight Capacity of the mount

A 32" and a 43" inch LED tv can have the same VESA , say 200 x 200 mm , but the weight will be considerably different. For bigger LED TVs choose a heavier model, it may seem expensive but it will keep your LED tv safe from risks such as drooping or falling due to prolonged weight pressure.

If your LED tv is 6 kgs , choose a mount with a 2-3X weight capacity of at least 18 - 25 kgs.

For any further information or doubt, you may contact me.

-Karan Kishnani