Battery Purchase Guide

Follow the steps to know the right battery for your device:-

Things to be considered:-

1.Battery Voltage - can be 1.2V , 2.4V , 3.6V , 4.8V and so on...

You can find it by reading your old battery

2.Battery Capacity - 300 mAh , 1900 mAh , 2500 mAh and so on.

A higher capacity means more backup- hence a 5000 mAh battery can suit your product even if your product's old battery mentions 2500 mAh.

So it gives double backup - 2500 x 2 =5000 mAh

3.Battery Composition : Ni Mh , Ni Cd , Sealed Lead Acid , Lithium Ion and so on..

4.Battery Size : Measure your old battery's length  and diameter in cm-use a small scale (compare this with image 2 of the listing in our site) it shows battery length. A variation upto 5mm is acceptable.

Contact us if you still cannot find out, we will be more than happy to help you.:)